576th SMS, Vandenberg AFB
Lompoc, California

Listed below are the seven Atlas complexes which were assigned to the 576th SMS at Vandenberg AFB () in Lompoc, California.  Vandenberg is the most unique Atlas site because it was the test facility for all Atlas missile base designs as well as being the test facility for other missile systems such as Titan 1 and Titan 2.  Because of this, all three types of Atlas complexes are represented at Vandenberg - Atlas D, Atlas E and Atlas F.  There were also gantry style launch facilities for the very first Atlas missiles.  Vandenberg was also unique in that the missile sites were "on base" unlike all operational Atlas sites which were located away from the supporting base outside of small towns in the surrounding area.  To view more detailed information about a particular site, please click on the associated link below or on the green map buttons.

Vandenberg Air Force Base Site A - 576 ALPHA Site B - 576 BAKER Site C - 576 CHARLIE Site D - 576 DELTA Site E - 576 ECHO Site F - 576 FOXTROT  (OSTF-1) Site G - 576 GOLF  (OSTF-2)


Site A - 576 Alpha

Site B - 576 Baker

Site C - 576 Charlie

Site D - 576 Delta

Site E - 576 Echo

Site F - 576 Foxtrot   (OSTF-1)

Site G - 576 Golf   (OSTF-2)


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