577th SMS, Altus AFB  
Altus, Oklahoma

Listed below are the twelve Atlas F complexes which were assigned to the 577th SMS at Altus AFB () in Altus, Oklahoma.  To view more detailed information about a particular location, please click on the associated link below or on the green buttons representing the silo location.


Altus Air Force Base


Altus Air Force Base - Altus, Oklahoma

Site 1 - Lone Wolf, Oklahoma

Site 2 - Hobart, Oklahoma
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Site 3 - Snyder, Oklahoma

Site 4 - Cache, Oklahoma

Site 5 - Manitou, Oklahoma

Site 6 - Frederick, Oklahoma

Site 7 - Fargo, Texas

Site 8 - Creta, Oklahoma

Site 9 - Hollis, Oklahoma

Site 10 - Russell, Oklahoma

Site 11 - Willow, Oklahoma

Site 12 - Granite, Oklahoma

Museum of the Western Prairie - Atlas F Launch Console Exhibit

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