577th SMS, Altus AFB  
Site 3 - Snyder, Oklahoma


(Satellite image courtesy of Tarraserver and the U.S. Geological Survey)

Strategic Missile Squadron:    577th

Support Base:    Altus, AFB - Altus, Oklahoma

Site #:    3

Location:    Snyder, Oklahoma  (This complex is actually located in Mountain Park, Oklahoma)

Latitude:    34-41-15

Longitude:    098-56-28

Construction Start Date:    ??/??/????

On-Alert:    ??/??/????

Decommisioned:    ??/??/???

Current Owner:    Snyder Oklahoma School District.
                             Currently used as the "Snyder Show Barn".
                             Used by the Snyder FFA for livestock shows.

Web Site:    N/A

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