578th SMS, Dyess AFB
Abilene, Texas

Listed below are the twelve Atlas F complexes which were assigned to the 578th SMS at Dyess AFB () in Abilene, Texas.  To view more detailed information about that particular location, please click on the associated link below or on the green map buttons.


Dyess Air Force Base

Site 1 - Abilene (Phantom Lake), Texas

Site 2 - Albany, Texas

Site 3 - Clyde, Texas

Site 4 - Denton Community, Texas

Site 5 - Oplin, Texas

Site 6 - Lawn, Texas

Site 7 - Bradshaw, Texas

Site 8 - Winters, Texas

Site 9 - Shep, Texas

Site 10 - Nolan, Texas

Site 11 - Anson, Texas

Site 12 - Corinth, Texas


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