Atlas Missile Silo

Atlas E Complexes

The E series of Atlas missile base complexes were the second type of Atlas ICBM bases to be built.  The construction cost of just the basic concrete underground structures was approximately $4 million dollars each....... in 1960 dollars!  The Atlas E missile complex consisted of the main launch bay itself with an underground tunnel connecting to the LCC, or Launch Control Center.   There was additional support equipment and personnel areas above ground which were contained in two quonset huts of 4,000 square feet each.  Most Atlas E silos were built on approximately 20 acres with 5 acres contained inside a 7 foot chain link fence.   There were 27 Atlas E complexes built along with two test sites at Vandenberg AFB.  The Air Force established three Atlas E squadrons, each of which supported nine missile sites.  Shown below is a list of where each Atlas E squadron was located.  Please click on the patch or link of your choice to learn more details about that particular squadron.

   548th SMS,  Forbes Air Force Base,  Topeka, Kansas

     566th SMS,  F. E. Warren Air Force Base,  Cheyenne, Wyoming

     567th SMS,  Fairchild Air Force Base,  Spokane, Washington


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