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This page is where documents pertaining to the Atlas F missile system are located.  It is possible that some items may be listed in more than one location because the item covers more than one missile type.  Click on a thumbnail or PDF link below to view that item.  The PDF  files can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader and you can download your free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Many of the items on these pages are available for download to your system.  To save a file to your local computer, right click the PDF file name and choose the "Save Target As" option.  PLEASE NOTE:  Be aware of the file sizes before downloading.  Some of these files are large and may take a long time to download, especially on a dial-up phone line.  A high speed Internet connection is highly recommended.


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The documents in the section below contain general information about the Atlas F silo type missile system.  For documents concerning specific Atlas F squadrons, please visit one of the links above.















(12.5 Mb)     Integrating Contractors Base Activation Project Manual
(19 Mb)     WS107A-1 Weapon System - Silo Full Scale Mockup Photograph Record



(31.3 Mb)     AFLC Phaseout Atlas E F Titan1
(8.8 Mb)     Atlas F Deactivation Procedure A109
(3.5 Mb)     History Of Atlas Phaseout
(34.9 Mb)     SBAMA Equipment Removal Plan - Atlas F
(22.8 Mb)     SBAMA Phaseout Atlas E F Titan1
(2.8 Mb)     USAF Plan For Atlas Titan Phaseout


General Dynamics

(17.8 Mb)     Atlas E/F - Ground Operational Equipment List
(53.1 Mb)     Atlas E/F - Ground Support Equipment List



(2.3 Mb)     Atlas E-F Launch Vehicle - Unsung Workhorse



(2.6 Mb)     Abbreviated Check List - DMCCC
(14.5 Mb)     Abbreviated Check List - Emergency Procedures


Technical Orders  (T.O. Library)

(95.4 Mb)     21M-HGM16F-1   "DASH ONE"


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