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Operation:   Crossroads

Shot:   Baker

Test Site:   Pacific Proving Ground, Bikini Atoll

Location:   Detonated 90 feet underwater near Bikini Atoll

Test Date:   07/24/46

Device Type:   Nuclear Fission

Nominal Yield:   21 Kilotons     ( About the same yield as the Nagasaki Japan device )

Latitude:   11-41-50

Longitude:   165-16-21


Shot Baker was the second shot of Operation Crossroads.  It was  the world's fifth nuclear explosion and third nuclear test.  It was also the first nuclear explosion ever detonated underwater.  The photos and video of the Baker test are probably the most widely known pictures of any nuclear explosion ever.  A video of this test can be downloaded below.


  Operation Crossroads - Shot Baker - AVI       Operation Crossroads - Shot Baker - MP4

VIDEO LENGTH: 1 Minute 25 Seconds            SOUND: Yes             FILE SIZE: 11.7 Mb


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