Atlas Missile 100D

General Dynamics Missile Serial Number:   58-7095

General Dynamics Manufacturing Number:   100D

Air Force Missile Tail Number:   100D

Missile Acceptance Date:   3/10/1961

Missile Delivery Date:   3/14/1961

ICBM Squadron Number:   N/A

ICBM Squadron Site Assignment:   N/A

Missile Destination:   Atlantic Missile Range

Missile Mission:   NASA Space Launch

Missile Launch Date:   4/25/1961

Missile Launch Payload:   Mercury Mercury Atlas-3

Missile Launch Location:   Stand 14

Missile Launch Outcome:   Failure

Notes:   First attempted orbital Mercury launch. This was an unmanned flight. Pitch and roll sequence failed to initiate due to a short or open cicuit in the missile programmer. Range Safety Officer destroyed missile at T+43 seconds. Capsule was successfully recovered.

Atlas 100D Photo 1