Atlas Missile 25F

General Dynamics Missile Serial Number:   60-5548

General Dynamics Manufacturing Number:   25F

Air Force Missile Tail Number:   548

Missile Acceptance Date:   11/25/1961

Missile Delivery Date:   1/31/1962

ICBM Squadron Number:   550th

ICBM Squadron Site Assignment:   8

Missile Destination:   Schilling Air Force Base

Missile Mission:   Operational ICBM

Missile Launch Date:   6/27/1979

Missile Launch Payload:   Star 37S-ISS - NOAA-A Weather Satellite

Missile Launch Location:   Vandenberg AFB - SLC3W

Missile Launch Outcome:   Successful

Notes:   This satellite was an advanced version of the TIROS payload launched by Atlas 29F.

Atlas 25F Photo 1