Atlas Missile 27E

General Dynamics Missile Serial Number:   60-5485

General Dynamics Manufacturing Number:   27E

Air Force Missile Tail Number:   485

Missile Acceptance Date:   1/31/1961

Missile Delivery Date:   2/9/1961

ICBM Squadron Number:   N/A

ICBM Squadron Site Assignment:   N/A

Missile Destination:   Vandenberg Air Force Base

Missile Mission:   Operational Readiness Training

Missile Launch Date:   6/7/1961

Missile Launch Payload:   CAT II - Sure Shot

Missile Launch Location:   OSTF-1

Missile Launch Outcome:   Failure

Notes:   This was the first attempted launch of an Atlas E ICBM from a coffin launcher style complex at Vandenberg AFB. The missile exploded at liftoff due to combustion instability in the B-1 engine. Considerable damage was done to the launch facility which was repaired and put back into service.

Atlas 27E Photo 1

Atlas 27E Photo 2

Atlas 27E Photo 3

MP4 Icon AE-V-T-576-0F-VA-00001.mp4

This short video is of the 27E test launch at Vandenberg AFB. The launch facility is 576-F, or OSTF-1, as it was called. The booster failed and caused a tremendous explosion, along with considerable damage to the launch site. (NOTE: This video does not have sound.)
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