Atlas Missile 29D

General Dynamics Missile Serial Number:   58-2200

General Dynamics Manufacturing Number:   29D

Air Force Missile Tail Number:   29D

Missile Acceptance Date:   9/30/1959

Missile Delivery Date:   10/12/1959

ICBM Squadron Number:   N/A

ICBM Squadron Site Assignment:   N/A

Missile Destination:   Atlantic Missile Range

Missile Mission:   Missile Warning Satellite

Missile Launch Date:   2/26/1960

Missile Launch Payload:   MIDAS-1 (MIssile Defense Alarm System)

Missile Launch Location:   Stand 14

Missile Launch Outcome:   Failure

Notes:    First launch of an Atlas-Agena A configuration. The Agena section RSO charges accidentally fired at staging, leading to vehicle breakup. This mission was considered classified by the Air Force at the time it was launched.

Atlas 29D Photo 1