Atlas Missile 71F

General Dynamics Missile Serial Number:   61-2557

General Dynamics Manufacturing Number:   71F

Air Force Missile Tail Number:   557

Missile Acceptance Date:   4/26/1962

Missile Delivery Date:   5/8/1962

ICBM Squadron Number:   578th

ICBM Squadron Site Assignment:   7

Missile Destination:   Dyess Air Force Base

Missile Mission:   Operational ICBM

Missile Launch Date:   4/12/1975

Missile Launch Payload:   STP-72-2

Missile Launch Location:   Vandenberg AFB - SLC3W

Missile Launch Outcome:   Failure

Notes:   Missile was damaged by explosion of LOX / RP-1 glob in flame trench during launch, leading to sustainer engine failure during ascent. RSO destroyed missile at T+303 seconds.

Atlas 71F Photo 1